Home Care Agencies

As a home-care agency, you confront a particular set of challenges.

You need to:

Help your clients reach their goal of staying healthy at home.

Hold your caregivers accountable for meeting your clients’ needs.

Communicate efficiently with families and the entire caregiving team.

Deploy a client-centric digital workflow system that is easy to use and comprehensive.

Grow revenue and expand capacity to serve clients by enhancing care management services.

Efficiently collect and securely share information, both in the office and in the field.

Ensure real-time visibility and reporting of tasks performed at the home or office – caregiver updates from the home, time logged, billed hours, and payroll.

We can help.

With iHealthHome you can enable a virtual village to care for your clients.

Our suite of tools connects the entire care team, saves time and money, grows revenue, and expands capacity to serve.

Facilitate your ability to participate in value-based healthcare opportunities for chronic care management and population health.

Care Manager In The Field

CareManager2Go mobile app – real-time access of assessments or other forms anywhere on your smartphone

Care Manager On The Desktop

System base license – the foundation for schedule, matching, and billing in the care team’s workflow

Caregiver In The Field

Caregiver2Go browser / mobile app – real-time, bi-directional feedback loop between events in the field and the Care Navigation System

Care Navigation System Benefits To Your Team

Customized Forms

The starting point for digitizing, automating, and tracking the care process from the assessment to fulfilling care plan progress

Resource Management System (RMS)

Scheduling tool to help optimize your care givers utilization

Client Dashboard

Single holistic real-time readout on the client’s plan and care information

Medication Tracking

Specifically for your care giver. Real-time bi-directional feedback loop from events in the field to Care Navigation System.

To Do’s & Doc Time

No more sticky notes — Digitize important client and care management information anywhere


Helping you maximize billing by making it easy to log time spent

Client Profiles

Centralized database for all health information including vital biometrics


Collect biometric readings at home


Delegate tasks to all care team members

We have had great success using iHH as a tool to enhance our services.

Bonnie Castonguay, CEO, Ho’okele Care at Home

Cloud-based software that supports shared planning, coordinated care, and accountability with a set of secure, mobile, digital tools that expand your capacity to serve.

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