Healthcare Organizations

Whether you are a hospital, physician organization, ACO, or community non-profit, if your mission is to keep people independent longer in their own homes, iHealthHome is your solution. Our software is a comprehensive suite of applications proven to help you engage, monitor,
collaborate, communicate, and connect individuals at home with their care providers effectively and efficiently.

Complex Care Coordination

Persons with multiple, complex medical conditions need help connecting the dots. iHealthHome offers a variety of tools to help individuals understand the relationship between their lifestyle and their health. iHealthHome connects your care coordinators to activities at home so they can personalize real-time coaching and offer proactive clinical interventions.

Empowered Self-Management

Help individuals with chronic conditions to take control over their own plan for wellness. iHealthHome allows you to deliver relevant health education in bite-sized content at the right teachable moment. Improving health literacy and relevancy will improve engagement.

Remote Monitoring

It takes much more than telehealth to engage a person to manage their chronic conditions at home. iHealthHome allows you to personalize the in-home technologies to fit the specific needs of a person’s plan for wellness.

We are pleased to partner with iHealthHome to support our “home based” care management continuum/systems. iHealthHome offers a viable solution through their “state of the art” technology and a wonderful overall “value proposition” throught their support team who possess expertise in multiple areas that extends to many facets of our operations and service. iHealthHome is taking us into a new era!

Jeffrey Hattori, CEO of Nikkei Concerns


Collect biometric readings at home

Alert, remind, and prompt health maintenance activities

Report data to primary care providers

Log and track medication adherence

Monitor home care provider

Enable real-time coaching

Delegate tasks to all care team members

Publish personalized health content at the teachable moment

Facilitate wellness behaviors

Nikkei Concerns

NC Club member Edith Imanishi loves being in the NC Club pilot program and has joined Kokoro Kai, all of which gives her life purpose and helps her thrive at home!

Evergreen Health

More than 700 community leaders and supporters of Evergreen Health joined us April 25 to raise a $1.15 million to support Evergreen Health Home Care and the development of new technology that will connect in-home patients with their health care team. Thank you to our generous donors for their support of technology that enriches the health and well-being of every life we touch.

Cloud-based software that supports shared planning, coordinated care, and accountability with a set of secure, mobile, digital tools that expand your capacity to serve.

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