Why just QuickBooks Online?

As QuickBooks 2013 (All versions) users just experienced on May 31st 2016, support for their desktop product has terminated. As of this date:

  • Technical Support and Security Updates will be unavailable
  • Payroll tax calculations will be incorrect
  • Payroll will processing will not work
  • Direct deposits and Payroll subscriptions will be de-activated

Intuit continues to its application “sunset” program in addition to discontinuing support for Intuit Partner Platform and SDK (Software Development Kit) in favor of the cloud versions. This means any partner applications you may use will soon be migrating to the cloud as well, due to lack of support/current documentation.

Here is a convenient link: Intuit Service Discontinuation Policy

What are the advantages of QuickBooks Online?

The same as any cloud-based application – eliminating paper, thus streamlining processes and improving access to your data with “bank-level” security. Plus it is cheaper! Use this handy link for a QuickBooks Online vs Desktop Comparison.

Is help available in converting from QuickBooks desktop to online versions?

Absolutely. Click here to download and bookmark the step-by-step guide. In addition to this link you will also value Intuit’s Survival Guide that further illustrates instructions and provides videos.